Crow Dam Spillway

Project Overview

The Crow Dam Spillway Project consisted of two phases: Phase 1 of construction (Area 2) consisted of replacement of the badly deteriorated existing chute and stilling basin with a new chute, a flip bucket, and armored apron to dissipate the energy prior to discharging into Lower Crow Creek. The Phase 2 (Area 3) consisted of the replacement of the existing side-channel inlet structure and tunnel with a piano key weir spillway crest structure, sloped trough, channel crossing beneath Crow Dam Road that will tie into the new structures constructed in Area 2, and installation of a bridge at the Crow Dam Road crossing. 

Workflow Timeline
  • Design:
    • Phase 1: 2016-2018
    • Phase 2: 2017-2019  
  • Construction:
    • Phase 1: 2018-2019
    • Phase 2: 2020-2022
Project Team
  • CSKT
  • BIA
  • Design Consultant: Stantec (Phases 1 and 2)
  • Contractor:
    • Karnath Contracting (Phase 1)
    • Big Sky Civil/Montana Joint Venture (Phase 2)
Status Update
  • A controlled fill of Lower Crow Reservoir began in May 2023 along with heightened monitoring to evaluate performance of the dam and new spillwayThe heightened monitoring is anticipated to extend through June 2023, after which, CSKT Safety of Dams will continue with a standard monitoring program. 

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