Falls Creek Diversion Replacement

Project Overview

Falls Creek is a natural and ungauged stream along the Mission Mountain divide and is a major tributary to the North Fork of the Jocko River. The diversion is a reinforced concrete irrigation structure collecting and conveying surface water flows at its intersection within a concrete lined portion of the Tabor Feeder Canal. The diversion, made of a debris screen/rack, rectangular flume, check structure, and radial gates, is highly degraded and needs full replacement. As part of a Modernization Plan, recommendations include a new trash rack, radial gates, flap gates, and flow measurement structures. Debris management is expected to be a significant design parameter for the diversion structure. A modern system will include minimal maintenance requirements, improved operational flexibility, and long-term durability. 

Workflow Timeline
  • Design: 2023
  • Bid: 2024
  • Construction: TBD
Project Team
  • CSKT
  • BIA
  • Design Consultant: WWC Engineering
  • Contractor: TBD
Status Update
  • Bids Receive and Tabulated, see below in photo gallery

Photo Gallery

Bid Documents

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