Lower Crow Dam Safety Upgrade

Project Overview

Lower Crow Dam Safety Upgrades consist of upgrades to the spillway, outlet works, and embankment stability during a probable maximum flood, all to address issues of the aging infrastructure (built in 1922). The spillway upgrades were complete over two phase between 2019 and 2022. The outlet works upgrades are in preliminary design that includes two alternatives: Rehabilitation of existing structure, or entirely new structure. The embankment stability upgrades are in preliminary design, which includes a compacted earthen fill with subsurface perforated drain pipe system located along the downstream base of the dam. 

Workflow Timeline
  • Design: Ongoing
  • Construction: TBD
Project Team
  • CSKT
  • BIA
  • Design Consultant: Bureau of Reclamation
  • Contractor: TBD
Status Update
  • Conceptual design of the outlet works and embankment stability berm anticipated to start 2025. 
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