Mollman Pass Trail Culvert

Project Overview

This Lake County structure is a large Double Structural Plate Pipe culvert carrying Mollman Pass Trail near Kicking Horse over a canal owned by FIIP. It was inspected by MDT because it is greater than 20 feet in length and falls under their Federal jurisdiction for inspection. Lake County had installed support bracing after a previous routine inspection, and was allowed to keep the road open. The most recent inspection noted that some of the bracing had been removed due to debris blockage and MDT instructed Lake County to close Mollman Pass Trail.  

In response, Lake County quickly worked with CSKT, MDT, and FIIP and worked out a temporary and long term solution.  MDT allowed Lake County to re-install the cross-bracing immediately and keep the roadway open, with the intention of replacing the structure by the end of July-August, 2023. FIIP agreed to the maintenance of removing debris.  

Workflow Timeline
  • Design: July 2023
  • Construction: July, August 2023
Project Team
  • CSKT
  • BIA
  • Lake County
  • MDT
Status Update
  • Lake County has worked with CSKT and FIIP, and have together explored several options for replacing the structure. Currently, Lake County is in the process of getting quotes for a 45-foot-long by 24-foot-wide bridge.  Lake County has extensive experience installing this type of structure and has the guardrail needed in stock. A double box-culvert option was explored and was a preferred option, but determined not to meet the timeframe needed.  
  • The removal of the existing structure and installation of a new bridge is tentatively scheduled for the end of July to early August, 2023.  Lake County will work with FIIP regarding canal flows and permitting, and will inform the public prior to signing a detour that would be in place for approximately two weeks.

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