Pablo 31A Chute Replacement

Project Overview

An aging 626-foot concrete chute is set on a steep slope and is operated by FIIP conveying an estimated 50 cubic feet per second. In 2019, FIIP installed materials to reduce seepage. This project will include replacing the concrete chute with a buried 36-inch diameter steel pipe, new concrete inlet structure with debris screen and a new energy dissipation structure at the pipe outlet. Maximum flows will remain the same, however, the improvements will increase operator safety. Seepage mitigation will protect the headworks and chute structures from soil erosion around the foundation. 

Workflow Timeline
  • Design: 2022
  • Construction: 2023
Project Team
  • CSKT
  • BIA
  • Design Consultant: WWC
  • Contractor: Native Montana Construction
Status Update
  • Anticipating Fall Construction

Photo Gallery

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