Twin Lakes

Project Overview

The Tabor Feeder canal goes through both of the Twin Lakes before entering Tabor Reservoir (AKA St. Mary’s Lake). DEWRs is working on numerous projects along the Tabor Feeder Canal that will impact public access. To mitigate for the lost access opportunities, the Tribes will improve an important Tribal-member use area: Twin Lakes.

The Twin Lakes Tribal recreation area will be restored and refurbished after a period of heavy overuse. This project hopes to bring the campground facilities back into a condition that will encourage quiet enjoyment of this beautiful natural area. Restoration actions will include closing some non-designated ‘social’ roads, rehabilitating some natural areas that have succumbed to the sprawl of the campground, seeding and planting non-designated camping areas. In addition, some facilities will be updated, such as new picnic tables, fire rings, bear hang poles, and vaulted toilets.

The DEWR team is collaborating with the CSKT Recreation program and the Mission Mountain Youth Crew to close social roads and sprawling hand-built campsites that do not get maintained, as well as cleaning and updating some of the facilities.

Workflow Timeline
  • Construction: 2023
Project Team
  • CSKT Division of Engineering and Water Resources
  • CSKT Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation, and Conservation
  • Mission Mountain Youth Center
Status Update
  • None at this time. 

Photo Gallery

Photos depict degraded condition of some of the facilities and the social sprawl of the campground.

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